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14 February – Vineyard’s Day /Trifon Zarezan/

Every year 14 February is the day of vine-growers.

The name of the feast comes from the the name of st. Trifon and the word “zarezan” that means trim.

This tradition is related with the agriculture and the specific seasonal work – spring felling of the vineyards.

Many Bulgarian the villages keep a tradition and organize felling of the vineyards.

Late years, a lot of Bulgarians celebrate on 14 February st. Valentine. It is not a Bulgarian Orthodox holiday but all young people like it and Sofia is decorated with red hearts.

To take part of this tradition on 14 February you can visit Suhindol, Vratsa, village Brestovista and others.

On that day the Bulgarian beautiful town Shipka has a special tradition and a fair. The citizens of Shipka are prepared to meet people from near and far. I recommend that you visit Shipka, taste traditional Bulgarian food and tke photos.

The key word in Bulgarian is “Трифон Зарезан”.


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