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Bulgarian folklore dance clubs

Bulgaria is 110,993.6 km2 but there are a lot of folklore dances, with different rythm and national costumes. Bulgaria is divided into 6 or 7 folklore regions “Shopluka” – The Sofia region North folklore district Dobrudja Thracian folklore district Pirin Mountains The Rhodopi Mountains Bulgarian folklore dances are very beautiful and attractive. They

Yordanovden in Kalofer on 6th of January

On 6th of January is a significant holiday in Bulgaria - Yordanovden ("den" means day, "Yordan" - this is a name, Yordanov - means of Yordan ) Bulgarians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and the Baptism of God. Ususally it is very cold on that day. The tradition is to dance in the icy river. The  priest throws

National Palace of Culture

National Palce of Culture is built in 1981 Fountains in front of the National Palce of Culture  All fountains in Sofia have the same work schedule. The fountains are set playing end April and stop middle of November. You can see them from 8:00 to 23:00 h In hot summer evenings a lot of people are sitting