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The air in Sofia

For the first winter the problem with the air in Sofia is announced. Yesterday, for the first time were selled cheap tickets for the public transport. The childen are in vaccation because of the influenza.

Dramatic clouds under Sofia

17.01.2018 I went out of the office. I wanted to go home on time. I didn't plan to stop for photos. Oh, the sky... It was amazing and fearful ate the same time. The sky was painted in leaden grey, dark, rose, blue. There was a storm brewing. I changed the street so that I can observe

Greenwich book center in Sofia

If you visit Sofia, don't miss Greenwich book center This is a favourite place of many people. It is cosy, quiet and spacious. There is a coffe. In winter it is warm, in summer it is fresh. Address: Sofia, Vitosha blvd. 100

Ask the locals

Thank you for visiting my blog! I'm Nadejda Chotorova. I'm in Sofia every day and I have the chance to cross the center of the city every day. I can proivde information, photos and news. Please, ask if you have any questions: instagram: @nchotorova By writing this blog and making photos I discovered interesting places and stories realted

Snowy Sofia

End of Ferbruary - usually it is spring in Bulgaria but these days the Balkans covered with snow. Don't miss to photo the snow. Don't miss to go out and to enjoy crunching through the snow. Snowy Sofia photo places Cathedral Aleksandar Nevski The landmark in the centre of Sofia - the Central Mineral Baths Central Market