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The House of Iablanski

The House of Iablanski Sofia Center, blv. "Tzar Osvoboditel" 18 GPS: 42.694219, 23.333351 Architect: Friedrich Grünanger (1856-1929) Arch. Friedrich Grünanger studied in Vien, Austria, author of numerous remarkable residential and public buildings in Bulgaria First owner – the financier Dimitar Iablanski Architecture style: baroque with renaissance elements Currently renovated

The house with the strawberries

The enigmatic house with the strawberries Sofia Center, str. “San Stefano” No. 6 GPS: 42.695609,23.339615 Architect: Georgui Kunev Arch. Georgui Kunev studied in Karlsruhe, Germany This aristocratic house seems to be part of our fairy-tales - fantastic as it is. The house looks sad but at the same time enigmatic. Nobody will be surprised if there is

Church Sv. Nedelia – Sofia

Sofia, Center GPS: 42.696770, 23.321237 The story of this church is really long. First building - X century On May 7, 1856, started the construction of the new church. In the autumn of 1863 the construction of the new church was completed. The architect wasIvan Boyanin. The church was destroyed on April 16, 1925, during General

The house with Titans


The house with Titans Sofia Center, str. "Graf Ignatiev" 2 GPS: 42.694647, 23.322121 Architect: Nikola Lazarov (1870 - 1942) Arch. Nikola Lazarov studied in Paris. He is is one of the most prominent Bulgarian architects. Architecture style: baroque - rich decoration of balconies, balustrades, Ionic columns The house with Titans was built in 1914 as house and office

8 of March – Women’s day

What Bulgarians are doing on 8 of March On 8 of March Bulgarians bring spring flowers to the women in the office, teachers, wife, mother. One of the best and most popular Bulgarian poems written in the name of the mother: Thank you, mummy! Thank you, mummy! for your kindly hug, for your mother's help and