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Sofia chestnut trees

Sofia chestnut trees - one of the natural symbols of Sofia blossomed at the end of April. There are thousand of chestnut trees in Sofia. Some of the chestnut flowers are rose, other - white. They are really very beautiful. In autumn chestnuts are gathered and used in the medicine.

The building of DSK Bank

The building of DSK Bank Sofia 1040, Center str. “Moskovska “ 19 GPS: 42.696801, 23.328964 Architect: creative team led by the Viennese alumnus dipl. arch. Georgi Fingov with the participation of Dimo Nichev and Nikola Yurukov. About architect Georgi Fingov Arch. Georgi Fingov (1844 – 1944). In 1898 he finished architecture in Vienna. He is

Sofia Fountains

After the winter stop, some of Sofia Fountains are working again. Sofia Fountains  are really very beautiful - day and night (the don't work the whole night). Until April 15 all fountains will work. Some of the Fountains: National Palace of Culture, GPS 42.685095, 23.318947 National Theatre "Ivan Vazov", GPS 42.694637, 23.325833 In front of the Presidency, GPS 42.696761, 23.324087 In front

Midnight against Easter

At midnight against Easter in the church temples a solemn worship is held, and at exactly 0.00 h, the priest announces the Resurrection of the Son of God with the words "Christ the Voccasion!" And the Christians answer "Vistina Voscreesta!". The priest lightes a candle from which all present light their

April – the gold Forsythia

Forsythia or 'the yellow bushes". They are some of the earliest flowering shrubs in the spring. The gardens come alive every March and April from the numerous yellow flowers on the leafy branches of this shrub. The barrage of the numerous varieties is pale yellow to bright orange. Although it is considered one

Good Friday

It is good Friday when Jesus was crucified It Is a Good Friday today. It is the day when when Jesus was crucified. On that day people don't work and it is an official non working day in Bulgaria. Believers visit the church to bow down to the cloak, symbolizing the cloth with which

Great Thursday

The week before Eastern is a very special week. Every day of this week is Great - Great Monday, Great Тuesday and ect. The Friday is not Great Friday - it is the crucifixion Friday. Today is the Great Thursday. On Great Thursday tradition is to prepare a special sweet bread - kozunak and