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As a lovers of nature, water sports and the sea for another year we spent a wonderful week in Arapia. Far from the city, overlooking the sea, silence and romance. The silence and romance of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast disappears in August, because those who want to relax are getting too much.

Arapya is a cape, located between the resorts Tsarevo and Lozenets. The former Arapya Camp, founded in the mid-1960s, is now forgotten. After the end of the Communist regime, nationalized lands were returned to their owners. Thus, Arapia was the property of dozens of people, each with a different view of how to use its plot. Some have made hotels, other bungalows, others have caravans and tents. The lump of a common concept and infrastructure adds a messy and unsteady look to this wonderful place.

Why do people choose Arapia? Arapia is mania and passion. Arapia is a magnet. Once you’ve visited this place, you’ll want to come back again. Far from the city, in close proximity to three national nature reserves, a beautiful beach with three bays, warm and clean and safe seawater.
Arapya offers good conditions for surfing because there are no high waves in case of wind. The Surf School has been working for years and every day at sea there are water sports enthusiasts. The people who visit Arapia are fond of nature and I would say cultural. You will rarely find strong music or other unpleasant views, mostly related to alcohol.
The resort town of Tsarevo is located three kilometers from Arapya and often there are minivans from Arapya to Tsarevo and back.

My husband and me, we visited Guest House Tangra for five days. We are happy with our stay. Our room was with a view to the sea, with balcony and a cozy room. If you visit this Guest House, I recommend that you require a room with a view to the sea. The Guest House is clean, spacious and comfort. There is a parking. Outside the house, there is a BBQ and several wooden tables with benches. If you don’t have luck with the neighbors it might be really noisy but this risk is valid for everywhere. The beach is really not far but the road to the beach is not very pleasant and the cars are close to the pedestrians.

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