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Тhe world is no longer the same

It is Spring! The first day of Spring 2020. The season when the nature wakes up, when people are happy and want to go out and see the sun. It's time to be outside. But this year we are can't feel the hapiness of the coming spring. It is too quite.

Locomotive “baba Meca” No 46.03 from 1931 is still working

The emblematic steam locomotive № 46.03 Baba Meca "баба Меца" again enjoys children, parents and the elderly. Today 18 May 2019 the train route is Sofia-Bankya-Sofia with a traveling composition. The name of the locomotive means granny Bear in Bulgarian. With operation No 46.03, it was manufactured in 1931 in the Polish locomotive

papa Francisk in Sofia, Bulgaria

Today, 5 of May 2019, papa Francisk is in Sofia. People from many Bulgarian regions and foreign countries came in front of Alexandar Nevski cathedral in Sofia to see him. I really wanted to be one the first who saw papa Francisk. When he arrived few photographes and oprerators went up to the high

Great (Easter) Thursday


Today is the Great Thursday, the fourth day of the Holy Week and the first before the Resurrection of Christ. Great Thursday is connected with the Last Supper when the sacrament of the sacrament is established. After dinner, Christ took bread, blessed him, broke it, gave his disciples and said, "Take, eat, this