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Summer 2020

Summer Vacation 2020 Thanks God that we have the chance to be outside after being so long closed. Black sea, camping Arapia and our favourite hotel "Koraba" with a magic view. Nothing changed - only we are older and our children are young mеn and womеn. Sun - love, sea - children, parents, umbrellas,

Lavenders 2020

Middle of June. It's time when the lavenders blossom. Levenders are like a magnet for photographers. At the same time it is really not easy to take good photos of the levenders. The magic colors and aroma are during the sunrise and the sunset. Dear photographers and visitors, please keep the levenders fields when

Тhe world is no longer the same

It is Spring! The first day of Spring 2020. The season when the nature wakes up, when people are happy and want to go out and see the sun. It's time to be outside. But this year we are can't feel the hapiness of the coming spring. It is too quite.