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Tulips in Sofia 2019

Like every year in April, a lot of tulips blossomed Sofia. The flowers are professionaly arranged. The can be seen in the park of National Palac of Culture, near river Perlovec and Bulgaria bulevard. Tulips have a wide variety of meanings, each color symbolizing something different. It is generally accepted that

April – Magnolia blossomed

Magnolias are one of the oldest and most ancient plants in the world. They are the highest aristocracy among the trees and bushes that have hardly changed because they have been created perfect. They bear the name of French botanist Pierre Magnol, who received this name in 1703 in his honor. Magnolia

April – the gold Forsythia

Forsythia or 'the yellow bushes". They are some of the earliest flowering shrubs in the spring. The gardens come alive every March and April from the numerous yellow flowers on the leafy branches of this shrub. The barrage of the numerous varieties is pale yellow to bright orange. Although it is considered one