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Locomotive “baba Meca” No 46.03 from 1931 is still working

The emblematic steam locomotive № 46.03 Baba Meca "баба Меца" again enjoys children, parents and the elderly. Today 18 May 2019 the train route is Sofia-Bankya-Sofia with a traveling composition. The name of the locomotive means granny Bear in Bulgarian. With operation No 46.03, it was manufactured in 1931 in the Polish locomotive

Great (Easter) Thursday


Today is the Great Thursday, the fourth day of the Holy Week and the first before the Resurrection of Christ. Great Thursday is connected with the Last Supper when the sacrament of the sacrament is established. After dinner, Christ took bread, blessed him, broke it, gave his disciples and said, "Take, eat, this

The magic of red and white

First March – is a special day in Bulgaria, the day when it's time to be happy that the spring is coming. Bulgaria is in white and red - all decorated with martenitsa. The list of strange Bulgarian customs is long, Martenitsi is one of them. Bulgaria is a country of

Trifon Zarezan in Shipka

It's mid-February. In Sofia the snow has melted and people are already in a spring mood. Trifon Zarezan - the last holiday in winter must be celebrated as is the tradition. I am from Sofia and we don’t keep most of the traditions, except for the most famous ones. There