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Summer 2020

Summer Vacation 2020 Thanks God that we have the chance to be outside after being so long closed. Black sea, camping Arapia and our favourite hotel "Koraba" with a magic view. Nothing changed - only we are older and our children are young mеn and womеn. Sun - love, sea - children, parents, umbrellas,

Възможността Multi Level Marketing

Multi Level Marketing (MLM) представлява следното - вие използвате и харесвате продуктите на дадена компания, рекламирате ги на ваши познати и когато и те си купуват от продуктите, за вас има бонус. Целта не е да продавате от врата на врата, да разнасяте големи чанти с продукти и да се

Greenwich book center in Sofia

If you visit Sofia, don't miss Greenwich book center This is a favourite place of many people. It is cosy, quiet and spacious. There is a coffe. In winter it is warm, in summer it is fresh. Address: Sofia, Vitosha blvd. 100