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The air in Sofia

For the first winter the problem with the air in Sofia is announced. Yesterday, for the first time were selled cheap tickets for the public transport. The childen are in vaccation because of the influenza.

Snowy Sofia

End of Ferbruary - usually it is spring in Bulgaria but these days the Balkans covered with snow. Don't miss to photo the snow. Don't miss to go out and to enjoy crunching through the snow. Snowy Sofia photo places Cathedral Aleksandar Nevski The landmark in the centre of Sofia - the Central Mineral Baths Central Market

Happy! It snows in Bulgaria!

Finally it is snowing in Bulgaria. It is so beautiful! The ski season can start! Better late than never. Bulgarian ski resorts Vitosha I really recommend the night skiing in Vitosha. Except the very cold and in winter days it is great. There is one ski slope "Laleto". The slope is 1 345m long. It