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Flowers in March

Welcome cowslips

Cowslips can be seen everywhere in Bulgaria in March. Don’t miss to take for a walk in Lozenec quarter in Sofia.

In Bulgarian we have a woman name Iglika that means cowslip.

On 8 of March – the intenational womens day the traditional flowers are hyacinthes and tulips.

Cvetnica is coming

Last Sunday before Eastern is an amazing day – this is a flowers day. In 2018 it is 1st of April.

The name of this holiday In Bulgarian is Cvetnica (Цветница) or Vrabnica (Връбница).

The word Cvetnica comes from the bulgarian word – cevete (flower). The word Vrabnica comes from Varba (willow).

Cowslips, tulips, wild geranium, daffodil and other typical spring flowers and are sold.

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