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Lavenders – the magnet for photographers

You are not a real photographer if you don’t have lavender in your portfolio!

Every year, at the end of June photographers (professional, non professional, phone photographers) are going crazy about lavenders.

The year before I didn’t have the chance to see the blue-violet magic – it was too early (begin of May) and the lavender was not in the best photo condition. This year nobody could stop me to look for the lavender fields. I did not have to convince my son and my husband – all of us, we wanted to catch the lavenders.

The direction is again Kazanluk and Shipka – the center of Bulgaria. Three weeks after the Rose festival we visit this region again. I can say that the Kazanluk region is a place for photographers – traditions, history, roses, lavenders, mountain views – perfect.

Late afternoon when we approached Kazanlak and we saw the lavender fields shining in purple. What a perfect view. And suddenly I understood that there is a difference between the desire to achieve a goal and to know how to do it. The lavenders were shining in my mind but really not in my pictures. I tried few point of views and options but the brain is different that the camera.

On the next day we woke up before sunrise and we went on a lavender field near Shipka. With a camera and a national costume I would be model and photographer at the same time. This is OK, the moment must have to be immortalized with a photo. Meeting the sun with the fragrance of lavender is a wonderful experience. About the photos – can always be better!It’s really not easy to get that beauty in one shot.

To make great photos of lavenders fields, I recommend that you visit Hotel Opalchenets in the beautiful Balkan town Shipka and to look for the best shot. You can find a lot of fields in the region.

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