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March – time to see the magic waterfalls

Spring – best season to visit the Bulgarian waterfalls

March is the time when the snow is melting. It is the best season to visit and photograph the beautiful Bulgarian waterfalls. This is a magical creation of nature. We feel the positive energy of the falling water and forget the daily stress.

Some of the Bulgarian waterfalls are seasonal and dry in the summer, so spring is the season to see their beauty, hear the sounds and capture the sheer brilliance .

Most of the Bulgarian waterfalls are easily accessible.

Vazova eco-path
Vazova eco-path, Bulgaria

Some tips to do attractive photos of the waterfalls

Waterfalls are beautiful but technically it is not easy to photograph. The move of the water is really an interesting natural picture that a people like.

Choose the right time

In order to capture the waterfall you need to choose the right time of the day and the right camera settings. Тhe sun is pleasant in the spring for your walk but not for your photos. So, check on advance when the waterfall is not be illuminated by the sun.

Take a tripod and set the right settings

In addition to select the right time, you need a tripod because the camera must be stable. Slowest ISO, aperture small enough to maximize focus, usually around f/8 to f/10. We don’t have to forget that the tree leaves move also and there is a risk to loose them.

Unlike other situations, smartphone is not a good choice to capture water. One possibility is to place your phone on a solid place or use a tripod, take a series of photos at a fairly high shutter speed and freeze motion. The next step is to process the images with Photoshop.

Safety on the first place

There are a lot of articles how to shoot waterfalls but I have one personal advice. Around the waterfalls it really very slippery – be with good shoes. When you step on a stone have in mind that it can be like an ice. My husband broke his camera slipping at the foot of a waterfall. He would fall into the water with all the equipment. My son helped him to move and to escape the slippery rock by using a rope. So, step carefully even if the rock seem dry and stable, always have a rope in order to help people.

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