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National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria


Sofia, square “Narodno Sabranie”
GPS: 42.693944, 23.332174
Architect: Konstantin Jovanović
Architecture style: Neo-Renaissance
Built in 1884.
The main building of the Bulgarian National Assembly is a monument of culture with historic significance.
The building and all around is very beautiful and it is a good photo place in Sofia.

The style is Neo-Renaissance. Neo-Renaissance buildings are characterized by a cohesive harmony, decorative elements in form of rectangles and circles, such as the ring arch, cornices serving as horizontal elements of arrangement, pillars and pilasters were in line with the classic arrangement.
Neo-Renaissance tendencies could also be observed in handicrafts
The main project is made of serbian archirect with Bulgarian origin Konstantin Jovanović.
In front of the building the text means “Unity Makes Strength”. The slogan of the Bulgarian eu presidency has the same meaning.
The building has been upgraded twice – the first one is in the late 1990s.
Pay attention to the yellow paving-stones on the ground. They are also one of the symbols of Sofia.

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