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Flowers day, week before Eastern

The Sunday before Eastern is the Flowers day or Tzvetnica in Bulgarian. The date depends on Eastern, so it changes every year. The day before, on Saturday, is Lazarovden (Lazarov means to the person named Lazar and day means day, so the day of Lazar).

The word Tzvetnica comes from the word tzvete that means flower. During morning liturgy (prayer), willow branches are blessed and later they are distributed to the people.

Almost everybody goes to the church. In the morning you will see ques in front of the Bulgarian churches.  The priests give willow twigs to believers. People make willow wreathes an leave them  at the entrance door.

A lot of Bulgarians have name day. Tzvetnica is a great spring holiday. It is during the big Eastern lent and there isn’t specail food. This is the  Flowers day.


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