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Travel with Nadia celebrates one year!

One year, I’m writing my blog. On year I try to show or tell something interesting, beautiful, impressive – from my point of view.

The blog is like a message in a Bottle. You do not know who will receive your message? Will the reader find your letter interesting or just afte reading a few lines and forget you forever. I often wonder if I have helped anyone on his visit to Bulgaria.

Most of the articles are days of work. From the photo to the text in Enlgish and the publication of the article there is a lot of work, love and desire.

Last but not least, these are serious investments, and the reward is only the message “thank you” from any unknown reader.

I will be happy to continue writing, making better and better photos and help people.

If you want to give me a new photo camera so that I’m like a professionals, please contact me 😉

Thank you for reading my blog!

Nadejda Chotorova