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Sofia public transport

Type of public transport in Sofia



Tickets and prices

One ticket for tramway, trolleybus or bus – 2lv. if you buy it from the driver, 1.60 lv – else – you need to perforate it immediately after entering in the transport

In Bulgarian – “bilet”. You can buy from the driver. You must have petty cash because the drivers don’t have time to look for the rest.

Valid in one transport only. When you change the transport you need a new one.

One ticket for metro – 1.60 lv.

Set of 10 tickets tramway, trolleybus or bus – 12 lv.

In Bulgarian “taloni”. You can’t buy from the driver. From the driver you can buy only single ticket.

Attention – keep the last ticket No. 10, use it personally only, you can’t give a ticket from the set to your friend.

You need to perforate the selected ticket (not all) it immediately after entering in the transport.

Every ticket is valid in one transport only. When you change the transport you need a new one.

Set of 10 tickets metro (electronic only) – 12 lv. and 1 lv. for the plastic card if you don’t have one

All day ticket – valid for all public transport

Good solution for 4lv (2 EUR)

You don’t need to perforate it.

In order to use it in the metro you have to check it on the metro counter. The lady will check the ticket and then it is valid. You must do that all time in the metro.



How to check tickets and electronic cards

Single tickets and tickets from the set of 10 need to be perforated. The perforation is unique in every vehicle.

Ticket bought from the machine from the public transport doesn’t need to be perforated – it has a date and time (photo b.).

Ticket for the metro is checked in the machine. Attention the doors in the metro that are opened are on the right of you. So, your ticket must be in the left hand.




Where to buy tickets




Public transport from the airport

After landing at airport Sofia you can take a taxi, a bus or metro to the center.

To use public transport or taxi you must change money at the airport.  Buy something in order to have coins.

A bus from Sofia airport to the center

Attention! After entering in the bus you must have 2 leva to buy a ticket and perforate it immediately. There are people who check and don’t know English and I don’t recommend that you have problems with them. Тhe tax for an irregular passenger costs 40 leva.

A metro from Sofia airport to the center

I recommend that you use the metro to reach the center. It is fast, you buy a ticket before entering and you don’t need coins.

The name of the stations are announced in Bulgarian and English. There is a map inside every train.

Taxi from Sofia airport to the center

If it is too late and don’t have an other choice  and it is possible to choose a taxi.

Sometimes the price too high and you can’t argue. So, follow the price on the machine.

Approximate taxi prices

Initial fee – 0.70 лв.

Daily ( 6:00 – до 22:00) 0.79 lv./km.

Night – (22:00 – до 6:00) 0.90 lv./km.

Stay – 0.22 lv./min.

Call – 0.70 лв.

*This content of this page is not the official information from Sofia public transport of Sofia taxi companies. It is possible that it is not actual.

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