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Тhe world is no longer the same

It is Spring! The first day of Spring 2020. The season when the nature wakes up, when people are happy and want to go out and see the sun. It’s time to be outside.

But this year we are can’t feel the hapiness of the coming spring. It is too quite. The streets are empty, there are no children in the parks and gardens.

It was the dream of people from Sofia – to see the big city without cars and calm – like in the past. Calm but not closed!

The streets are empty, the sun is shining, the trees have bloomed but people are worried. Worried about tomorrow. Are we guilty for that pandemic desease? Why is this happening?

It is time to stop, to think, to speak with our family members, to clean the houses, to meet our neighbors and to help each other.

Thanks to everyone who cares about people! Please, be disciplined and we will be together again soon.

Best regards from Sofia!



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