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Surva Pernik 2018 is this weekend!

Surva, Pernik

By the end of January, I highly recommended that you visit Surva in Pernik (a town near Sofia)

The emotions are really positive. You will see a lot of people with masks from their region.

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Folklore groups from all over the world come in Pernik.

Personal advice for photographers:

  • Be on time – the city is full of people and cars
  • There is a train Sofia-Pernik, Pernik-Sofia
  • Usually, it is very cold. Sometimes it snows
  • Be well dressed in winter shoes, gloves etc.
  • Take all batteries that you have
  • A lot of photographers are there, observe the professional etiquette
  • Don’t miss to taste everything
  • Enjoy

Personal advice for visitors:

  • It is better to go by train
  • The number park places are limited
  • Stay in a sunny place
  • Some small children are afraid of the masks
  • Keep in mind that there are many restaurants where you can warm up or drink some tea. 
  • Also, there are many places from where you can buy souvenirs.


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