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The icy dance for Yordanovden

Yordanovden - always on 6th of January, always winter. Sometimes sunny, sometimes snowy. The night on 5th-6th of January 2019, Bulgaria is covered with snow, ice and cold. The Balkan village Shipka, stifled by the cold, doesn't sleep. The tradition, as it has been for years, will be respected. In the dark winter night

Autumn Walk to Jivata Voda, Bosnek

I recommend that you go for one day to Jivata Voda, not far from Sofia, near village Bosnek. The village of Bosnek is famous for the spring the Living Water and the cave. The water from the spring (slightly upward) is captured and flows through the mouth of a sculpture depicting the head of

Walk and Blueberries to Todorini Kukli

One-day hiking trip in the Balkan, starting from Sofia Route: Sofia - hut Petrohan 43.114156, 23.135898 - 67 km - 1h 30 min Hut Petrohan - peak Todorini Kukli  (1785 м) - 2 hours per direction (4 hours round trip) Petrohan - Sofia Mountain hut Petrohan is 2 km, southeast of the Petrohan Pass. It is a

Guest in a Bulgarian Home?

Bulgarians like to invite friends at home. We are hospitable despite latterly we prefer to go in a restaurant. When a Bulgarian invites you at home you will have the chance to taste traditional Bulgarian food and drinks. Is it necessary to bring a present? When you visit a Bulgarian home it is


As a lovers of nature, water sports and the sea for another year we spent a wonderful week in Arapia. Far from the city, overlooking the sea, silence and romance. The silence and romance of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast disappears in August, because those who want to relax are

Village Gabarevo

Village Gabarevo is located not far from Kazanluk. Don't miss to visit Gabarevo and to see the Djananov House. Ask people from the village if it closed. Djananov's House is a museum. The woman who works there is from the village and knows very interesting stories. There is no tax and it so

8 of March – Women’s day

What Bulgarians are doing on 8 of March On 8 of March Bulgarians bring spring flowers to the women in the office, teachers, wife, mother. One of the best and most popular Bulgarian poems written in the name of the mother: Thank you, mummy! Thank you, mummy! for your kindly hug, for your mother's help and