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The icy dance for Yordanovden

Yordanovden - always on 6th of January, always winter. Sometimes sunny, sometimes snowy. The night on 5th-6th of January 2019, Bulgaria is covered with snow, ice and cold. The Balkan village Shipka, stifled by the cold, doesn't sleep. The tradition, as it has been for years, will be respected. In the dark winter night

6th of December Nikulden

Nikulden* is one of the important Orthodox feasts. Dedicated to St. Nicholas Mirliki, who is honored as a deliverer to the captives and patron sailors, travelers, merchants and bankers. The name Nikolay comes originally from Greek. In the Greek Nicholas (Νικολάος) comes from the words "νικάω" (nikáo) - I win

July Morning – Welcome Summer

Welcome July! Welcome Summer! In Bulgaria only first of July is a very special day! This Bulgarian tradition is from year 1980. It was a hippie festival in Varna and later the celebration moved to the village of Varvara, Tsarevo Municipality These days everywhere in Bulgaria many people meet the Sunrise together  and

8 of March – Women’s day

What Bulgarians are doing on 8 of March On 8 of March Bulgarians bring spring flowers to the women in the office, teachers, wife, mother. One of the best and most popular Bulgarian poems written in the name of the mother: Thank you, mummy! Thank you, mummy! for your kindly hug, for your mother's help and

Todorovden (Horse Easter) 24 Feb 2018

The first Saturday after the begining of the Long Lent is the day of st. Teodor Tiron (Todorovden). The date depends on Easter so it changes every ear. Todorovden ("Todorov" - means of Todor, "den" means day - so tha day if Todor) is also called Horse Easter (Konski Velikden in Bulgarian, "kon" means horse,