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The building of DSK Bank

The building of DSK Bank Sofia 1040, Center str. “Moskovska “ 19 GPS: 42.696801, 23.328964 Architect: creative team led by the Viennese alumnus dipl. arch. Georgi Fingov with the participation of Dimo Nichev and Nikola Yurukov. About architect Georgi Fingov Arch. Georgi Fingov (1844 – 1944). In 1898 he finished architecture in Vienna. He is

Tulips, sun and scent of lilac

Sun, tulips and scent of lilac - this was 22 of April 2018 in Sofia. These are last days of the tulips - the sun is too warm. Every day the weather gets warmer and the snow in the mountains melts. It is so beautiful. The colors of the spring are bright.

The House of Iablanski

The House of Iablanski Sofia Center, blv. "Tzar Osvoboditel" 18 GPS: 42.694219, 23.333351 Architect: Friedrich Grünanger (1856-1929) Arch. Friedrich Grünanger studied in Vien, Austria, author of numerous remarkable residential and public buildings in Bulgaria First owner – the financier Dimitar Iablanski Architecture style: baroque with renaissance elements Currently renovated

Hotel “Imperial”

Hotel "Imperial" Sofia Center, str. "Saborna" and str. "Lege" GPS: 42.696223, 23.323934 Architect: Kiril Marichkov (1875-1922) -  famous with his impressive floral decorations Arch. Kiril Marichkov studied in Karlsruhe, Germany. He is the grandfather of the well-known Bulgarian rock musician and vocalist Kiril Marichkov. Architecture style: secession Built in: 1920; Formerly hotel "Imperial". The owner was the industrialist Todor Balabanov. This is

Sofia public transport

Type of public transport in Sofia     Tickets and prices One ticket for tramway, trolleybus or bus - 2lv. if you buy it from the driver, 1.60 lv - else - you need to perforate it immediately after entering in the transport In Bulgarian - "bilet". You can buy from the driver. You must

Ask the locals

Thank you for visiting my blog! I'm Nadejda Chotorova. I'm in Sofia every day and I have the chance to cross the center of the city every day. I can proivde information, photos and news. Please, ask if you have any questions: instagram: @nchotorova By writing this blog and making photos I discovered interesting places and stories realted

Snowy Sofia

End of Ferbruary - usually it is spring in Bulgaria but these days the Balkans covered with snow. Don't miss to photo the snow. Don't miss to go out and to enjoy crunching through the snow. Snowy Sofia photo places Cathedral Aleksandar Nevski The landmark in the centre of Sofia - the Central Mineral Baths Central Market

National Palace of Culture

National Palce of Culture is built in 1981 Fountains in front of the National Palce of Culture  All fountains in Sofia have the same work schedule. The fountains are set playing end April and stop middle of November. You can see them from 8:00 to 23:00 h In hot summer evenings a lot of people are sitting