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Walk and Blueberries to Todorini Kukli

One-day hiking trip in the Balkan, starting from Sofia


Sofia – hut Petrohan 43.114156, 23.135898 – 67 km – 1h 30 min

Hut Petrohan – peak Todorini Kukli  (1785 м) – 2 hours per direction (4 hours round trip)

Petrohan – Sofia

Mountain hut Petrohan is 2 km, southeast of the Petrohan Pass. It is a massive two-storey building with a capacity of 76 seats with its own bathrooms and bathrooms.The building is water-supplied and electrified, with central heating. There is a parking space. The road to the hut is asphalted but not very good. There isn’t any food, the kitchen is really not clean. You can buy a drink. The rooms seem to be clean. The man who keeps and works in the hut is a little bit strange.

Todorini Kukli are a group of 4 rocky peaks in the West Stara Planina mountain, the highest of which is 1785 m high. It is located 10 km southwest of Varshets and 6 km northeast of the Petrohan pass.

The road to the peaks is with average difficulty. It is very beautiful. You can take the children. Тhe path is not steep, along the ridge of the mountain. If it’s rained the day before, it might be muddy. In a sunny day you need а sunscreen cream and a hat. There is no drinking water – take more water. In August there are a lot of blueberries and raspberries.

Photos from our walk to the peak Todorini Kukli


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