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The building of DSK Bank

The building of DSK Bank

Sofia 1040, Center str. “Moskovska “ 19
GPS: 42.696801, 23.328964
Architect: creative team led by the Viennese alumnus dipl. arch. Georgi Fingov with the participation of Dimo Nichev and Nikola Yurukov.

About architect Georgi Fingov
Arch. Georgi Fingov (1844 – 1944). In 1898 he finished architecture in Vienna. He is one of the researchers of the building art as the chief representative of the style of secession in Bulgaria. Georgi Fingov designed a large number of public, school and residential buildings, mainly in Sofia and Plovdiv. He is among the first architects in Bulgaria to use elements of secession, mainly as ornaments in buildings. The architect Dimitar Fingov is his son .
Built in 1912 – 1914, designed specifically for a bank, area is 1200 sq. m.

Architecture style: secession

The building is a real architecture jewel. The corner position is emphasized by a powerful dome that reinforces the secession impact of the facades and gives prominence of the volume. The rich plastic decoration is an example of artistic synthesis. This makes it one of the highlights on “Moskovska” Street.
In 1976 the building was declared an architectural and artistic monument of Sofia.
On October 31, 1931, the first Broadcast Broadcasting of the first Bulgarian Radio, renamed on 24 March 1934 in Radio Sofia, took place at the Grand Bank Hall.

After 1944, the building was detained, and in 1951 the newly-established State Savings Bank was accommodated there.
Due to the style similar to the old buildings in Georgetown, Washington, the building was chosen as a set of scenes from the American film “The Contract” (2006).
The building is of such high architectural and artistic value that, in its conservation and restoration, the team had to be really very careful.

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