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The impressive building of Bulbank

The symbol of the economic power

Architectural and artistic monument of culture of national importance. It was always be a bank.

The building is beautiful and interesting not only from the outside and from the inside. Тhe threaded desk in the director’s office is still there . It is a real work of art and was used by the famous Bulgarian banker Atanas Burov.

This building seemed to tell the past.

The accent of the beautiful building is the sculptural group of Lyuben Dimitrov by three human figures supporting a globe.

Originally the building was built on 3 floors. In the beginning of the 20th century, its upgrading started, which was realized by the architectural bureau “Nichev & Fingov & Apostolov”.

Sofia Center, str. “Ivan Vazov” No. 1
GPS: 42.693614, 23.327547
Architect: Nikola Lazarov
Architecture style: secession
Built in: 1912; A lot of banks used this buildinng