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The main office of the Bulgarian Railways (BDZ)

Sofia 1000, Center str. “Ivan Vazov “ 3
GPS: 42.693090, 23.328012
Architect: Yanaki Stavrev
Architecture style: Baroque and Neoclassicism

Built in: 1900

Magnificent and historical building, located on the corner of the Sofia streets “Ivan Vazov” and “Rakovski”. The building, which has overcome the damage of war and time. Bigger part of the building is the main office of the Bulgarian Railways. The total built-up area is 7803 square meters.

At the beginning of the twentieth century it is owned by one of the most significant banks in Bulgaria – the Bulgarian Agricultural Bank. The building was seriously injured by the bombing of Sofia. Next to this building was the National Library, destroyed by allied aviation. The roof of the building at that time was dome-shaped, secession-style, with a beautiful iron grille. And the balconies were decorated with railings made of iron threads. The first floor is a significant arcade with a powerful rustic or embossed stone lining. On the second floor the arcade is in Ionic style, and the third one stands out in the same style.

In 1934, the building was selected by Kimon Georgiev for the Council of Ministers of the Kingdom of Bulgaria. It was here that he had lived until 1944.

Part of the interior is still original and the visitor has the feeling to go back in the time. The parade staircase is preserved in a close to the original look. It is wound with a beautiful wrought iron railings. Two bronze proud Pegasus are receiving the guests. If these Pegasus could speak, they would tell us a lot if stories. The stylish staircase is decorated with impressive ornaments. Тhe floor is made of beautiful but worn terracotta.

In the past, the main entrance was from Rakovski Street. Today, you can see the big imposing doors. The other entrance is from Ivan Vazov street.

The facade of the elegant building was renovated under the “Beautiful Bulgaria” project, funded by the European Union and Sofia Municipality.

© Photo: Nadejda Chotorova

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