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Travel Tips – Bulgaria

In this article I will try to help the tourists with car who visit Bulgaria.

All the advices are based to personal experience.

Plan your trip

Start early in the morning to escape the traffic

Have a list with the interesting places in advance


You need GPS coordinates of of the place, it is good ta have a photo

The roads in Bulgaria are not in a good shape – be ready for offroad


Not all places are easy, you need a rope to help the rest of the group

Not all places are safety – you need good shoes

In some places there are dogs – pay attention

Don’t leave anything in the compartment


We prefer to have a reservation


Water in Bulgaria is potable and good

Choose a full restaurant or a pub where there is local people

Don’t order something special in a local pub – it might not be fresh

If you don’t know where to have a dinner – ask the locals

It is good to have sandwiches


You can find interesting articles or food in the small shops in the center of the villages

The “traditional” articles or food sold around the road are too expensive

The price are fixed – Bulgarians don’t bargain for the price

Weather and seasons

The weather can change very fast – have a jacket

Autumn is the best season to visit the touristic places

In summer it is really very hot but in the mountain it might be cold

All the months that have the letter “r” in their name might be very cold


The churches are free, you don’t need any special dress but it is not good to be with scanty clothing

Bulgarians are tolerant and kind people