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Travel in winter

It is winter in Bulgaria. This is the list of my advices when you travel with a car in winter.

About the car

  • Мandatory
    • winter tyres – mandatory from 15th of Nov – 1st of March the grapple must be at least 4 mm
    • snow chains (good te have gloves to put them)
    • triangle for a car
    • reflective vest (ate least one)
    • car first aid kit
    • fire extinguisher
    • jack for rubber
    • tire – checked and inflated
    • pump or compressor
  • Good to have
    • winter liquid for wipers
    • charge the car with enough gasoline
    • shovel
    • ice scraper
    • tool (brush) for cleaning snow
    • lubricate the seals with silicone – the door may freeze and can not be opened or closed
    • liquid for shaking of locks (which is not in your car)
    • rope to tow a car
    • Have information know which roads are OK. Some roads might be closed.

About people

  • winter clothes and shoes
  • spare clothing
  • sunglasses – in winter the sun is shining brightly becuase of the snow
  • convector heater – in the case it is cold in the hotel
  • food
  • thermos with drinks