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Two days in Assenovgrad

It is September, the autumn is coming. It is time for our next autumn photo session.

We choose Bulgaria. Why Bulgaria? Do not we know our country well enough? Is there anything else to surprise us? And again the Rhodopi mountain. This time we choose the Eastern Rhodopi.

Rodopi mountain is a magnet. Something makes you come back, walk through the little narrow paths, forgotten and deserted, where nature takes its own.

Museum of Aviation to Plovdiv

It’s September, but the burning sun is merciless. Our first stop is the Museum of Aviation to Plovdiv. I join a student group to learn more about the history of aviation in Bulgaria. It’s interesting, but I’m not taking pictures – in such heat, I have no creative enthusiasm.

Paleontological Museum, Assenovgrad

We continue to Assenovgrad. We stop to look at the Paleontological Museum. The museum was founded thanks to the paleontological collection, collected for 30 years by biology teacher Dimitar Kovachev and his students from the local high school. It’s cool and pleasant inside. It is surprising how many remains of ancient animals have been found in Bulgaria.

Guest house named “Consulato”

We arrive in front of a guest house named “Consulato”, where our first night is. The parking is at the site of an old demolished house, of which only the marble fountain is left. Next to the car we see a lovely fig – big, sweet and ripe. We enter the guest house through a large wooden gate. The landlady leads me to the room and lets us unload the luggage. Silence – everything is over or sleeping. The room does not look like a guest room, but rather a house-museum room. Beautiful rustic ceiling, round table with lace table, two wooden armchairs with antique upholstery – a wonderful film decor. The furniture, the beautifully painted walls, the windows with small curtains, the cabinets. Everything reminds of the time when the Greek Consul dwelled in this place. The bathroom falls into one of the cabinets, well hidden behind a wooden door.

Waterfall “Slivodolskoto padalo”

In order to escape from the heat we go to the waterfall “Slivodolskoto padalo” up to Bachkovo. A fast clear river flows past us. We get to the waterfall by going along with many more people who have decided to go. The walk takes us an hour and a half in the direction, but the path is pleasant and not very steep.

After the “Slivodolskoto padalo” we go to the Bachkovo waterfalls. I only reach the first one near the restaurant because I’m tired. This is the end of the day.

Dinner at the restaurant restaurant to the house. The staff are terrified by the many visitors and barely manage. They’re trying to move us to a fake table next to the toilet, but we do not like the idea. Health is – we’ll wait.

We are not sleeping well – the beds squeak horribly at every move, and we need strength for the next day …

Arapovski Monastery

The next day we visit the Arapovski Monastery. It is one of the few monasteries built in the plain and not in the mountain and the only one built during the Turkish domination in Bulgaria. A lot of people were sitting on the grass around the monastery. We see the tower, which resembles a fortress, which currently functions as a museum of the Angel Voivoda. It is quiet but two children. We visit the place called “Ayazmo” a holy source with pure water. A kind remark was placed “Please don’t cool watermelons and drinks in the water. This is a holy water”.