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Village Gabarevo

Village Gabarevo is located not far from Kazanluk.

Don’t miss to visit Gabarevo and to see the Djananov House. Ask people from the village if it closed.

Djananov’s House is a museum. The woman who works there is from the village and knows very interesting stories.

There is no tax and it so cozy, clean and beautiful.

Seven weeks before Easter when the Orthodox Church celebrates Sirni Zagovezni (Сирни Заговезни) a day of forgiveness. Village Gabarevo becomes the village of the Koukers [‘koukers]. The tradition is well known in all Bulgaria but in Gabarevo it something very special. The Koukers are called “old men”. Months before the special day, the families of the “old men” begin to prepare for the ritual and their costumes and masks.

GPS: 42.629114, 25.161693



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