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Yordanovden in Kalofer on 6th of January

On 6th of January is a significant holiday in Bulgaria – Yordanovden (“den” means day, “Yordan” – this is a name, Yordanov – means of Yordan )

Bulgarians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and the Baptism of God.

Ususally it is very cold on that day. The tradition is to dance in the icy river.

The  priest throws the cross in the river and it the cross has to become icy. The man who finds the cross will be healthy the whole year.

There are a lot of places in Bulgaria where you can see the tradition.

The most visited city on 6th of January is Kalofer. The number of visitors and participants in Kalofer increases every year.

In 2018 was really very Kalofer was full of people and cars. Some photographes didn’t manage to find a place with food point view.

We visited the small town near Sofia – Elin Pelin.


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