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Linden trees in Sofia

At the end of may Sofia bloom the Linden trees in Sofia. It is a real aroma-therapy! There are a lot of Linden trees in the center of Sofia. Enjopy! Bulgarians prepare a dish with a meat and linden tree leaves. The Linden blooms are really aromatic and great to prepare a tea.

May! Roses, sun and scent of jasmine

Here are some photos from Lozenets district. Lozenets is a very old district but now it grows more ane more. The old part of Lozenets is really romantic. There are a lot of houses with gardens and flowers. The streets are narrow but there isn't many traffic. The name of Lozenets come from the Bulgarian word

Amazing 3D Mapping in Sofia

Amazing 3D Mapping show was presented он the building of the Council of Ministers on 9th of May 2018 in Sofia. The show was the best that I ever seen in Bulgaria. The 3D effects, the colours, the design was really professional. The sound was not the best. As a Bulgarian, I